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Letter to the participants in the 10th United Nations Conference on Human Environments - "Habitat" *

March 20, 1987


From the beginning, the Church has taken an active interest in the goals and activities of the Centre. On this Tenth Anniversary of its founding, I assure you that this‑interest has increased with the passing of the years, as has the conviction of the vital urgency of co‑ordinated efforts to assist in an effective way those who are homeless or whose housing is inadequate.

It has become increasingly apparent that the housing problem, like so many other human problems in our world today, can be solved only through cooperation on the part of the whole international community. Thus I stated in my 1987 World Day of Peace Message: "The underlying challenge for all of us is to adopt an attitude of social solidarity with the whole human family and to face all social and political situations with this attitude" (No.

Habitat is in a position to encourage and foster precisely such an attitude and to assist in efforts to put it into practice, particularly for the well-being of those suffering from inadequate housing. Even though the number of the homeless and those lacking proper shelter continues to grow, may we not hope that the desire to help them will grow even more? It is my prayer that we shall see many sectors of the world community engaged in planning and implementing effective housing strategies, efforts which will manifest a practical attitude of social solidarity with all those in need.

Upon yourself and upon all attending the Session in Nairobi I invoke God's gifts of wisdom and peace.

From the Vatican, 20 March 1987.

*L'Osservatore Romano. Weekly Edition in English n.15 p.23.

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© Copyright - Libreria Editrice Vaticana