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Our dear son, Francis M. Diemert,
Superior General of the «Scarboro Foreign Mission Society»
Greetings and felicitations!

The golden Jubilee of the foundation of the Scarboro Foreign Mission Society of Canada is a cause of joy and happiness for the Church because it represents fifty years of selfless dedicated service in bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to people, who had been deprived of this life-giving message.

The vast expanse of China and its multitudes first inspired your founder, Father John Fraser, to form this missionary society, and for years the Society laboured to bring Christ’s teaching of love to this remote part of the world. As your numbers increased and the promise of a rich harvest loomed before you, unfortunate circumstances caused your removal from China. Scarboro Foreign Mission Society was not daunted and your gaze fell elsewhere. Today your generous sons are to be found east and west. The spirit of the society and its determination remain the same, and the goal has not changed: preaching the Gospel to the poor.

We congratulate you on having arrived at this milestone in your history, and We encourage you to increase your efforts on behalf of a world that is sorely in need of Christ’s message of love. We know that you will not fail to meet the challenges because your society has thrived on such challenges in its brief but memorable history.

Canada is proud of its sons who bear the gift of faith to other lands, and her citizens have supported you as you have grown and multiplied. God will reward such generosity in measure unknown.

As We impart to you and to the sons of Scarboro Foreign Mission Society Our special Apostolic Benediction, We pray Almighty God to grant to you, to the sons of Scarboro, and to the generous benefactors who share in this precious mission apostolate, His choicest graces and favours.

From the Vatican, September 6, 1968.



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