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Message to Harold Wilson Prime Minister of Great Britain*


We are deeply grateful for Your message of yesterday and desire to answer at once. This Apostolic See and We ourself have frequently deplored the continuing hostilities in Vietnam. Nor have We failed to take every possible opportunity to appeal to all concerned to cease this dreadful conflict and to work together for the good of the vietnamese People and all mankind so threatened by the prolongation of the war. Particularly have We praised the truces announced and fervently asked the belligerents to continue them into an armistice and thence into fair and loyal negotiations for peace.

Therefore the Holy See welcomes Your latest proposal to the parties concerned and We, While felicitating You on this humane and discerning gesture, assure You of Our prayers that Your efforts to bring them together for peace discussions may be crowned with success for the true lasting peace with justice and charity of the entire world.

January 1, 1967

*Insegnamenti di Paolo VI, vol.V p. 1018.


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