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Friday, 11 June 1971


We thank you for your visit. It recalls to Our mind Our own stay in India, by which, as We said on that occasion, We fulfilled a long-cherished desire to visit your “land of ancient culture, the cradle of great religions, the home of a nation that has sought God with a relentless desire, in deep meditation and silence, and in hymns of fervent prayer” (Meeting with Representatives of Non-Christian Religions, 3 December 1964).

We pray that your journey to the shrines of Europe will be to you an occasion of many spiritual blessings. Where followers of Christ have for centuries raised their thoughts to their heavenly Father, you too may ask for guidance in your future lives, the vision to comprehend the needs of others, the willingness to come to their assistance, and the strength to follow steadfastly the path of right in your private lives and in your dealings with your fellow men.

May God grant you these and many other favours. May he bless you, those from your school who were unable to come, and all who are dear to you. 


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