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Monday, 2 October 1972


Mr Ambassador,

We are pleased to welcome you and to receive the Letters of Credence appointing you as Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the United Republic of Tanzania to the Holy See. We thank you for the good wishes which you have expressed on behalf of your President, His Excellency Julius K. Nyerere, and all the people of your country.

We are very appreciative also of your words in regard to our efforts for peace. Peace is our constant concern, and together with all men of good will we lament its absence in so many areas of the world. But we must never forget that at the root of conflict and violence there often lies a history of injustice. It is against injustice of every sort, therefore, that we have dedicated so much of our effort.

You have spoken kindly of the Church’s contribution to the socio-economic development of man. We assure you of the Church’s continuing commitment to the work of freeing men and women everywhere from the injustices and hardships that keep them from attaining the fulness of their dignity as human beings. This commitment manifests itself most concretely in initiatives that are undertaken on behalf of the developing nations.

The Church continues the work of Christ, whose concern for man’s spiritual welfare overflowed into deeds of compassion and love towards the hungry, the poor and the sick. In imitation of their Lord the followers of Christ rightly seek to help men and women everywhere free themselves from conditions that threaten to diminish the image of God in them.

But we must also strive for the conversion of men’s minds and hearts to the importance of the work of development. We hope and pray for a growing conviction and dedication to this on the part of all, but especially among the citizens of the richer nations.

In expressing the Church’s unswerving commitment to the economic and social progress of man, we wish to assure your Government and your fellow-citizens of our prayerful good wishes for the success of your efforts to achieve a well-being that takes into account not only man’s material needs, but also his needs as a spiritual and social being. We cordially invoke upon your President, your Government and all the beloved people of Tanzania the guidance, the strength and the wisdom of Almighty God and to yourself we offer our special good wishes for the successful accomplishment of your mission.

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