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Monday, 10 January 1977


Mr. Ambassador.

We thank you heartily for the kind words you have just addressed to us on presenting the Letters which accredit you to us as Ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary of His Majesty the King of the Belgians.

Your Excellency has just recalled in what perspectives you set the mission you have just received. Your country possesses, in fact, a rich cultural, political and social tradition which ensures it a special place among the nations which cherish justice and progress, and are anxious to work effectively at building a world which is constantly seeking its true future.

In this effort towards greater justice and concord in human relationships on all levels, the Church, which has no other specific purpose than service of the Gospel of salvation, also has an original part to play. Recalling incessantly the primacy of ethical and spiritual values, she is happy to collaborate with all those, persons and organisms, that are inspired by this same ideal. We know that our Sons in Belgium, who have such an important place in the life of their country, are endeavouring to draw the directions for their action from the very sources of their long religious tradition, in order to respond to their vocation and to contribute to the service of their national community and of the entire human community.

On this day as we have the pleasure of receiving you, Mr. Ambassador, we extend our best wishes for you and trust you will carry out your important mission with success. We are particularly happy to entrust to you the care of conveying to His Majesty the King of the Belgians and Her Majesty the Queen our respectful and cordial greeting as well as our good wishes for the prosperity of the dear People of Belgium.

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