Dicastero per la Comunicazione

Dicasterium pro Communicatione


On 27 June 2015 Pope Francis established the Secretariat for Communication in his Apostolic Letter issued Motu Proprio on the current context of communications. The new Dicastery of the Roman Curia has the task of the overall restructuring, reorganization and consolidation of "all of the realities which, in various ways up to the present have dealt with communications" in order to "respond ever better to the needs of the mission of the Church". In this light the Holy See's communications system is being reevaluated.

Through this restructuring the Apostolic See can refer to the Secretariat as the single point of reference for communication, which has become increasingly complex and interdependent, reflecting the current media reality.

The entities involved include the:

  • Vatican Television Center
  • Vatican Publishing House
  • L'Osservatore Romano
  • Pontifical Council for Social Communications
  • Vatican Radio
  • Holy See Press Office
  • Photographic Service
  • Vatican Internet Service
  • Vatican Printing Press

The entities above will be merged according to an established calendar and, in the meantime, continue to  carry out their own activities now under the direction of the Secretariat for Communication.

In his Motu Proprio, the Holy Father also noted that, in agreement with the Secretariat of State, the new Dicastery assumes responsibility  for the Holy See’s institutional website: www.vatican.va, and the Twitter service of the Supreme Pontiff: @pontifex.



Dicastero per la Comunicazione

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