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Hall of the Swiss
Saturday, 22 April 1995


Dear Cardinal Law,
Dear Young Friends from the Archdiocese of Boston,

It gives me great joy to welcome you and I greet you with the words which our Risen Lord spoke to his disciples: "Peace be with you".

I know that your pilgrimage is already drawing to a close. As you prepare to leave Rome I would like to give you three words to take back with you to the United States, three words for you to live by always: look, love and witness.

First: look for Jesus. Seek his presence in your lives, strive to know him ever more intimately; and do not be afraid to make yourselves known to him. Bring your questions and fears to the Lord, for in him you will discover life’s true meaning and your own vocation in this world.

Then: love Jesus. Give yourselves to him in prayer, receive him in the Sacraments, worship him in the assembly of the faithful. Loving Christ is your answer to his love for you; it is to respond to what he says to you, especially in the Scriptures and in the teaching of the Church. In his love you will find the fulfillment of your deepest aspirations, and you will grow into full spiritual maturity.

Finally: bear witness to Jesus. Place your hope firmly in him, and let your words and deeds speak courageously of this hope to others. Serve Christ in your family and friends, and in all those you meet on life’s path.

Dear young friends, may the peace that the Lord promised at Easter fill your hearts. Take my greetings to your families, and as a pledge of joy and strength in the Lord Jesus, I gladly impart to you my Apostolic Blessing.


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© Copyright - Libreria Editrice Vaticana