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Message to President of the United States of America
H.E. Mr. Lyndon B. Johnson*


His Excellency Lyndon B. Johnson, President of the United States of America
White House - Washington DC

Our heartfelt appeals for the return of peace in South-East Asia have always found a favorable reaction on your part, Mr. President, and that of your countrymen, and this fact strengthens Our hope in this hour of anxious waiting.

We sincerely wish that the celebrations of the New Lunar Year so dear to the Vietnamese People, with the suspension of the hostilities by all the parties engaged in the conflict, may open finally the way to the negotiations for a just and stable peace putting an end to the great sacrifices brought on by a war protracted now for years.

We know quite well the obstacles to achieving such a goal but We have no doubt in your dedication, Mr. President, to a constant search for a way to peace. Therefore We ask you to increase even more your noble effort in these days of truce for this great cause and We pray almighty God to crown Your endeavours for peace with every success.

We assure you, Mr. President, of Our sentiments of highest consideration.

February 8 1967


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